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Published on 22 Dic, 2013 by I.Garcia / in Hosting
According to a recent study from The NPD “Digital Software and the Cloud Report”,  a market research company, just 22 percent of U.S. consumers were familiar with the term “cloud computing,” which denotes software applications or processes that are accessed from the Internet, rather than on personal computer hard drives. While the term “cloud computing” is still confusing to many cons...
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Published on 17 Dic, 2013 by I.Garcia / in Hosting
As year ends, our team starts thinking about next year tendencies and business strategy, this are our predictions on Cloud Computing for 2014.1. Enterprise-buyer demand fuels cloud consolidation.Well past the "dipping their toes in" stage with cloud-native apps, enterprises are now accelerating the migration of business-critical applications to the cloud. They will demand more complete, mature ...
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Published on 01 Dic, 2013 by I.Garcia / in Hosting
Reach a worldwide audience The Internet is a worldwide network allowing you to reach people even very expensive advertising could not.Provide product information Give customers direct access to information about your products. Some people prefer to learn about products on their own. The Internet has an unsurpassed ability to make information about your company's products or services a...
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