Help and support

Critical support for professionals!

Gestudio plays a critical support role for many clients--helping to maintain, scale and extend existing websites and web applications. We are capable of auditing existing technology and websites and then offer options to strengthen the online capabilities of organisations and businesses. Our work including web programming, design and marketing.

  • Website maintenance
  • Project and task management
  • Strategy consulting
  • Content management
  • Design & development
  • Marketing
  • Printing
  • Server and Networking

To create new email accounts under you just need to access the Email and Hosting Admin panel using the login information we provided you with the hosting creation data.

Enter Hosting Admin panel

Just keep this link in your favourites: Use your email address as username, and the password we provided you as email account password unless you changed it.

Access Webmail

Of course, and it is easy to configure. You can use any of the existing email IMAP/SMTP clients: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail...

The configuration process in all of them is pretty the same:

  1. Go to Preferences or tools menu and click on Add Email Account option.
  2. This is the data you need for next steps:
    • Username: The email address you want to configure.
    • Password: ********
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • IMAP Server:
    • IMAP Port 993. SSL encryption and MD5 password challenge.
    • SMTP Server:
    • SMTP Server requires authentication (The same used for IMAP)
    • SMTP Port 465. SSL encryption and MD5 password challenge.
  3. This configuration preferences are the recommended and most secure ones to secure your information. Still it can work with less security, but the communication between your computer and our servers may not be secure and your data be compromised so.

All data stored in our cloud is daily backed up in the same facilities where it is, and once a week we perform a remote server back up using secure connection to Gestudio Cloud servers in other datacenters in America or Europe.

All our provider's data centers comply with Safe Harbour policy and meet the highest industry standards relating data security, energy efficiency and environmental respect policies.

Gestudio Cloud does not store any of your passwords in a plain text or readable format. We will never ask you any of your passwords in any of our email or web site pages.

Gestudio can not provide you any password you set before, so if you lose your account password we will be asking your written confirmation before reseting any service password.

All service passwords may be changed once you are inside our network pages, we encourage you to do so every 3 months to keep everything nice and secure, here you have some advices on how to set your new passwords:

  • Use at least 6 characters long passwords
  • Use some camel cased letters and some numbers
  • If you add any symbol, it will be much more strong

You may use some easy to remember technic to replace vocals by numbers as this:

  • A by 4
  • E by 3
  • I by 1
  • O by 0 cero

All critical data connections to Gestudio must be made using secure connections to avoid Man In The Middle attacks. We use RSA 256bits cypher seeds.

FTP connections can be easily replaced by FTPS connections using SCP type clients instead of traditional FTP ones. MySql direct connections can be cyphered using SSL, although, we recommend using SSH tunnelink to our servers using the FTPs same user, so it keeps simple and secure for you and your data transfers.

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